Who is RE-xpert?

I am Karsten Burges, an independent consultant in power engineering and renewable energies. For more than 25 years, my work has been focusing on renewable electricity. The subjects were diverse ranging from solar ferries, water desalination, underground cables and replacement of SF6 to grid connection of offshore wind farms.
But all this is not the key.

My professional life was dedicated to collaboration. I have been part of brilliant teams, was inspired and challenged by colleagues, learned from clients and collaborated with so called competitors. – These are great experiences.
The important lesson: my network forms the basis for providing services as an independent consultant. Accepting new challenges just means counting on partners.

Depending on your challenge you will see me with different colleagues. In different roles and contractual relations. But the teams I work with always consist of people I trust.


That’s my promise to you.

Photo by Heidi Scherm Fotografie, 2018