Trainings and stakeholder communication

Trainings and workshops

As a consultant, I have always been working internationally. The opportunity to exchange German experiences with that of experts – technical and non-technical ones – from other parts of the world has been exciting.

You are a professional in the power sector, a student in engineering interested in system integration of renewables or a policy maker dealing with energy transition? There are several institutions and programmes offering exactly the training you are looking for. Please, ask! Depending on the framework, training courses may be organised in Germany or, alternatively, me and my colleagues meet you at your location.

Moderation and support of stakeholder processes

Restructuring vital systems creates resistance, fear. Changes make conflicting interests visible. It would be naive to assume that transforming the power system happens in harmony between all stakeholders and without dispute about the right way. In this perspective, the move from fossil fuels to renewables does not differ too much from replacing synchronous machines by power electronic converters.

As always in life, communication helps to overcome barriers, certainly once you accepted that the change will happen anyways. An independent moderator helps. Being an engineer I understand technical discussions. Simultaneously, my experience allows me to understand the position, language and arguments of stakeholders.

I cannot eliminate conflicting interests. What you may expect from a moderator is: structuring discussions and sorting out the options. This will enable you taking informed decisions.

Photo by Heidi Scherm Fotografie, 2018